I’m Sponsoring Parkbench.com!

I am so excited to announce my brand new partnership launching this week!

Just like my video posts on San Clemente, I am expanding on that by interviewing local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and holes in the wall. I’ll take you to area attractions as well as introduce you to business owners and real estate experts like builders, designers, lenders, and I am sharing these interviews not just on my own social media platforms but also with parkbench.com.

Just like the old park benches at the bus stops advertising businesses; www.parkbench.com/san-clemente is a digital platform to showcase and support local business. This site will feature these interviews and allow businesses to upload special coupons and discounts. It is free for the businesses and we all get to learn more about what makes this community so special and you get to save a little money too.

So why is your realtor doing this? Well quite simply I am passionate about this community and want to show it off and cannot wait to take you to all of the places that makes it such a great place to live.

-Kira Brown, “Beach Living Made A Breeze!”

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