Negotiation Strategies to Get the Best Price for Your Listing

By using a simple negotiation strategy you can make sure to receive the best possible price for your home listing. Selling your home? Every seller wants to make sure they sell their home for the best possible sales price. Getting top dollar for your home is not as complicated as you might think.

The first steps in a negotiation strategy begin before you even list your home.

Choosing the right real estate agent and listening to their advice regarding home value is important.

Choose a realistic list price. Overpricing to test the market is not only a waste of time, but as the listing ages on the market, buyers are more likely to write low-ball offers.

Once you receive an offer, review and respond to all reasonable offers. Never assume that a buyer isn’t serious just because the offer is lower than you’re willing to accept.

Make a reasonable counteroffer and if you are motivated to lower you price, you can. But if not, countering with a full price number is acceptable also. Just make sure your price is fair for the actual value of the home. Consider compromising on terms.

Often you can negotiate a higher sales price if you are flexible on other terms. Does the buyer need extra time to close or move? Would they like to have the garage shelves or patio furniture? Win win situations do not have to involve compromising on price.

All negotiations are different, but by setting the proper stage and calmly navigating through offers, you can make sure you sell your home for the best possible sales price. Getting top dollar for your home is a simple strategy of fair pricing and unemotional negotiations. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding real estate.

-Kira Brown, “Beach Living Made A Breeze!”

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