About San Clemente

San Clemente is a town of approximately 65,000 people on the coast about half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego.  San Clemente has approximately five miles of beach with some of the best surfing breaks in the world.  The premier surf break is Lower Trestles which is technically just a few thousand feet south of the City Limit, but since you can only get there by foot or bicycle, everybody considers it part of San Clemente.   Most of the coastline is sandy beach with tall and beautiful sandstone bluffs.  Because of the bluffs, the most popular beaches are near canyons where roads meet the beach, such as Avenida Calafia (location of the State Park), Avenida Del Mar (location of the pier), or where public access stairways are built down the bluffs such as T-Street pedestrian overpass (at Trafalgar Lane and Esplanade).  

Events that bring out most of the locals: 

  • The Fourth of July fireworks display brings thousands to the beach when the fireworks are shot off of the pier. 
  • The Ocean Festival with lifeguard competitions of swimming, paddling, and the hugely popular dory races; there are kids swimming, running and surfing events, a pancake breakfast to benefit the Jr. Lifeguard Program, and much more.  The two-day festival is usually scheduled for the third weekend in July. 
  • The “Fiesta” on Avenida Del Mar closes down the street with a party for music, food, drink, and good company which is usually held in the first week of August. 

According to the City of San Clemente, there are approximately 26,000 housing units that are 64% owner occupied.  Also, there are over 5,000 business licenses operating within the City.  The City is nearly 100 years old as it was founded on December 6, 1925.  According to the Historical Society, the City was named after San Clemente Island that is about 45 miles offshore.   Ole Hanson is credited with starting the City,  when he acquired 125 acres through a land trust and started grading the roads that followed the contours of the existing land which is why the streets in the original portions of town have such a unique and charming layout.   Ole Hanson was the person who coined the marketing phrase “Spanish Village by the Sea” and required that every new home or building to have a red tile roof.   The name stuck, and you will still see many red tile roofs throughout the City. 

If the beach life is in your plans for a new home, San Clemente certainly has a great beach lifestyle!  

-Kira Brown, “Beach Living Made A Breeze!”

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